Why just make noise when you can take action, fix a problem, give back, set an example?  Start out by making noise & asking others to help you find answers.  But don’t forget to get your own wheel fixed first!  It’s often much easier to point out issues or solutions to others while ignoring our own…so take care of yourself, and then look around to see who needs the oil can next. But by all means don’t just keep rollin’ along!

Imagine being a pioneer in the early years of taming the West: broken wheels didn’t get you very far, did they? It’s amazing what can happen when you can admit you’re broken and connect with those who have solutions, good resources, and peace of mind you can draw from.

What about faith? Mine is in God and for sure not in myself. A wise man recently shared that I was trying too hard, and said, “We are supposed to be living FROM God, and not just FOR God.” Hmm, you mean draw our strength & confidence from that source as we forge ahead? Well, I’ll try it. No guarantees that is how it will look to you, my observers, critics, supporters, or my children. Let’s see how this goes. Join me?