Musimbi Kanyoro, Ph.D., is Power in a small package.  Make sure you capitalize the “P” in Power here.  Look her up.  Go ahead…

Her big voice leaves you no choice but to pay close attention — don’t look away to take notes, because you want to understand her and not miss something, not even a single thought.  My highlights are not complete here, but the feeling she left me with is.

Once the audio is posted on the Womenetics site I will add that link here.

“We want to work with women who are leaders, who are digging deep.”  She is speaking of the Global Fund for Women.  They support organizations that advance women’s rights all over the globe.  She anchored the talks for me at the the Global Women’s Initiative hosted by Womenetics this month in Atlanta, GA.

“We have the knowledge.  We have possibilities for government policy.  And we need behavioral change.”  

“Privilege comes with responsibility.”

Her potent words on resiliency, specific to those in difficult situations…and the spirituality of not giving up,  left me spellbound.  Even more motivated than I thought I could have become, prior to this event.  She was talking to ME, as if she knows what we are up to with My Advocate Center in our behind-the-scenes work.