What I mean when I write leadership is more about a challenge to find leaders who will step out in truth, take risk, and who will dare to do more with their position, their talent and their resources. It is also a question about who will serve rather than merely dominate or control.

When I and others decided to begin broadcasting Pro Advocate Radio the focus had everything to do with this leadership challenge, and we wanted a way to spotlight those professionals and leaders who are not just serving, but who are taking on tough issues and answering questions as opposed to just asking them.

Please visit this page again as I’ll post more as I continue engaging leaders, authors, speakers and others willing to engage in this conversation.

In the meantime, please tune in to Pro Advocate Radio and engage on social media with your thoughts and questions.

We’ll share case studies and images that may provoke or raise questions, and we might even invite you to a round table discussion or a town hall event to raise awareness and to problem solve. So don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know what you’re interested in!

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