Hopefully you have read the reports on the ways that parents and professionals are working with My Advocate Center and other organizations to make a difference in the lives of children and the parents they need?

If you feel blessed to be in a better position, to be thriving in your career, your home life…and if you feel fortunate to be able to provide for your children…or if you are just thankful to have your health, please consider doing more with what you have!

Many parents and children around us are in need of your intervention and our support.  Every bit does make a difference, and I hope you’ll read and respond on this below request.

Until many of us started talking about kids who are missing and about parents being prevented from giving their kids what they need, we didn’t realize that we actually have an opportunity before us to put families back together and to help them give their best to their children. This photo reminds us daily of unnecessary stress for children whose parents are working very hard to get back into their lives:

Deb Beacham advocates for children having the best that both parents have to offer.
Kids: let us know if you don’t have what you need, or if you are trying to reconnect with a parent you lost during a divorce.

Our team is focused on certain cases where we see the opportunity to turn the tables on unhealthy situations, and to help restore balance and stability for children and families.  Doing so will help us reframe how we resolve conflict and position us to keep more families together, improve mental health and school performance, to name a few of our major objectives.

What can you do?  You can contribute using your voice, your influence and in raising funds to help bridge gaps where families and children are not receiving the guidance and support they need to weather unsafe territory in our court system.

Contact me here, on MyAdvocateCenter.com or via social media if you would like to talk about a contribution rather than use the donation application which will be live soon.

Thank you for being a part of something special and for helping our team of advocates make a difference this year!

Deb Beacham