A quick word on Domestic Violence – which is also Family Violence or Intimate Partner Violence:

Please take this seriously and take a chance by reaching out to someone who may be calling out for help, afraid to talk or suffering the aftermath of trying to escape the kind of bully who uses various forms of violence for control.

Richelle Carey, a board member of Men Stopping Violence here in Atlanta, Georgia where I live gave one of the best explanations to the Fox News audience today that I’ve seen on a major network about why we should learn more about this subject, why we all need to pay attention:

“This is a community problem, not just a Family problem.”  And she is 100% correct. “This affects everyone.”  Even if you don’t think it affects you, know that it does.  It affects children even when you can’t see the signs of it – even if there are no audible screams or visible bruises.   Offenders who bully and abuse are often good at hiding it and victims are often compelled to stay with and even protect their abusers.  It is just what happens.

If we are going to change the patterns that exist and put a real dent in bad behavior, it is going to take better support for those trying to break free, and it is going to take more Good Men facing the issue, taking a stand and calling out other men (while women need to call out other women who are NOT helping matters either) and showing them how to do better.   If you know me, you know why I say this:  Because our CHILDREN are watching.

Please take a moment to listen to Richelle on today’s Fox & Friends show, and learn more:  RichelleCarey.com / MenStoppingViolence.com / MyAdvocateCenter.com.  Thanks to Fox & Friends for having this fearless spokesperson on during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Richelle Carey, Men Stopping Violence on Fox & Friends