There is no better way to launch a new venture than to hear your marching orders from some true world leaders in the women’s empowerment movement.  So attending the Global Women’s Initiative event hosted by Womenetics  this month was perfect timing for laying the groundwork for My Advocate Center.

“Better solutions have to come from us,” was one of my favorite validating statements from Pat Mitchell, the President and CEO of the Paley Center for Media.

Another strong theme of hers that excites me is “transforming…with transparency and accountability.”  Being able to relate to a speaker named by the Huffington Post as one of the Powerful Women Over 50 left me feeling I was in good company with the objectives we have outlined for M-A-C.  Okay, I thought, we are on the right track…

If women can take charge and make momentous changes for the citizens of the Congo and for Kenya, using new technology, including mobile technology, then what should we be able to do with it here in the U.S.?  What should I be able to do with the privileges and comforts and connections that I have?  (I’m not daring you here; I’m daring myself.)

“When in the hands of women, we do so much with it.”  I hear you, Pat.

“Create change we want to see, but not for ourselves alone.”  For me in founding M-A-C, that would mean other parents, both mothers and fathers, and for our children.  It IS possible to interrupt harmful cycles, for example as in family violence, if we know where to look and what to do with what we’ve learned.

Carrying her message out the door, we remember these principles:

1. Find a mentor, and be a mentor
2. Take risk.  Worth repeating: Pat’s Native American grandmother said, “Falling on your face is at least a move forward.”
3. Be fearless
4. Be impatient

     I think I started with number 4 and am working my way up the list!  Actually I have found a couple pretty amazing mentors – so thank you if you are reading this.  Nothing is lost here.
     We appreciate Womenetics for lighting up Atlanta, Georgia with the minds of women like Pat.  And, for the great door prizes such as the one I happened to win – tickets to another thought-provoking event which I can’t wait to attend.  So look for another post like this one following the Chic-Fil-A LeaderCast in May, 2013!