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Are you Using your Good Voice?

Were you told when you were young, “You know, you should sing more often…you have a good voice”?

I didn’t say “great voice,” I just said “good.”  But I used it anyway because I enjoyed singing, writing, engaging and uplifting.  Then I stopped.  No need to explain the Pause button; just highlighting the relief that comes from having the rediscovered freedom to express.

Along the way many of us are discouraged from using our voices because we don’t sound like someone else, or another who influences us decides they don’t like the sound of what we have to say; they don’t agree with the effect we have on THEM.  So we hesitate and tell ourselves we are satisfied with our supportive role and allow someone else to do the talking for us.

Rediscovering my voice and finding a way to use it has a lot to do with observing my children.   They need for us to tell them it’s right for them to use their voices.   Say what you feel, share what you believe…see your voice as a valuable resource.  It is there to be used, and it is there not to tear down but to build up.  Use it because you enjoy being vocal and because you want others to enjoy and appreciate along with you.

Use your Good Voice because someone fought for your right to use it.

Above all, make good use of what God gave you, including the freedom we have to speak up.  If you haven’t realized how precious this freedom is, just observe someone who has lived in an oppressive country where the right to speak is limited to agreeing with a dictator or religious extremes, or to another who has been held silent by domestic violence.

When you find your Good Voice again, use it for Change.  Use it for Good.

Deb Beacham

Power is more Valuable when Shared

Trial and Error:  we know how crucial this is to progress, for change to occur.

We’ve all tried to gain and retain power.  Hopefully along the way we’ve realized that when you try too hard to control everything, to be the ONE in power and to use power for your own benefit, it’s just not enough.  It backfires.

That is something that I had to learn.  Being Type A and all…

Power comes from God and when we try to claim and use it ourselves, it becomes meaningless if not harmful.  More backfiring than anything.

So why not share any sense of power that you have and see what happens?

Let someone else feel the sense of being in control of a situation, or the satisfaction of receiving credit or being in the spotlight.  See what they do with it.  You never know; you might just gain a greater sense of control and power by being the generous one and sharing what you know you possess.

It sounds like an uncertain proposition, but I can tell you that it works.  Unless you are mostly concerned with appearances, that is.

If you are secure and confident, you’ll have no issue with giving someone else a chance to feel their own power, sense of security in their ability or status.

Try this at work, at home or with a challenging neighbor.   Your children are different – they need to know you are in control and that they are safe and secure with you in charge and running interference, but you can still find ways to help them claim strength, confidence and realize that they, too, can own power and use it wisely.   Show them how to empower and uplift others and you are giving them the priceless gift of owning power.  You have to own it to be able to give it away.   Giving to others puts you more in control of your universe.

Seeing change in others when you empower them or support their cause…whether you are doing this in the military for citizens of another country, as a teacher in middle school, or advocating for parents as an attorney or counselor, just know this is your gift to claim, feel good about and then pay forward.