Pediatric Cancer and the effort to raise funds and awareness is something that unites all of us, regardless of whether cancer has touched our lives or not.

The wonderful people I’ve gotten to know through St. Baldrick’s Foundation events are tirelessly making a real difference for children, so I asked Business RadioX in Buckhead to help us get the word out more.

Please listen to the PSA and radio show segment here that features Suzie Ruddle, the leader for the Meehan’s Public House fundraising events.

Another show aired leading up to the March 14th event, with mom Tammy McGrath who shared her experience with us as she and her son Christian battled his cancer. He has been clear for several years now so his is a success story!  Christian took time off from school to talk about his friends and what it means to have this kind of support.

The McGrath family and many others make this head-shaving event come to life, and they are incredible ambassadors for St. Baldrick’s Foundation and in the fight against pediatric cancer.

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