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Living by Faith

It isn’t easy being a type A and trying to walk in faith. I want to take control and choose my own path. I’m sure you can guess where that leads?

I’m grateful for the foundation I had in Miami at Florida Christian School and for the relationships that remain over the years. I reflect often on what I learned from my teachers, coaches, principal and other leaders in our school (every staff member there was a leader!), and am so grateful our children can attend that kind of school. I hope the teachers where we are now get through to my children the way mine did…and I believe they are. You can see the signs, the positive influence and that’s just cool.

One verse that has never left me, learned in 5th grade, is Galations 2:20.

Please look it up?

For someone who thrives on challenges and puts herself out there, daring people in various ways, stopping to think about why and how I live is not easy. I stay on the go…so I get why my teachers were so determined for key messages to sink in.  No, my “not-religious” friends, it was not brain-washing but the furthest thing from it.

What my teachers shared was grace, the way they learned it, and they let us see what faith looked like when it was being counted on. It was something that was just present, being experienced and shared, and not forced upon you. It was tough love and a steady hand. Real examples of how to live, to learn to accept and to LOVE unconditionally.

They helped us learn to set aside ego and self-centered wants, and to learn what grace and forgiveness are…and we all need reminders. Because of the repetition (boring at the time) with these teachers, the important messages, the empowering and forgiving ones, come to me quickly when I need them. Sometimes they come in the form of a needed ego-check.

The greater good that I understood is that Christ died so that we could live, experience life more fully, and more freely. That is humbling, but the exciting part for me is that we don’t have to live in fear. Without being encumbered by fear, we can take on more and lift others up. That was my dare and it’s what makes me comfortable daring others to get out of their own comfort zone. Every so often I run into someone who pushes me out of my own comfort zone, and that happened tonight. Thank you…

My dare is changing, and right now it is to let go of control, to have faith, and to remember that I live in Christ and that I will live eternally because God came to earth and lived in the form of His Son, who made the ultimate sacrifice. That’s where Galations 2:20 comes in and why it remains an important Bible verse for me. It is not on my own that I achieve, and neither am I alone when I get drop-kicked. For some, this might explain why I can remain calm under fire and patient, and confident, through a storm. I do not have to rely on my own strength and resolve. Someone else showed me the way so all I have to do is follow. Because of the examples I had around me, it was easier for me to accept that for what it is…a gift. There is more to this conversation, but for now, please let it soak in that you do not have to earn something that is a gift. You just have to receive.

So, yes, I believe.  Yes, I have faith. If it doesn’t show at times, don’t hesitate to give me a nudge. And please forgive me if I’m not the best example of what this verse stands for; it just felt like the right time to share it with someone else who may need the reminder, or who may not know what it feels like to have the freedom that faith brings.


Launching Big Ideas: Happy New Year!

If you’re going to go…go BIG!

ProAdvocateRadio Launching Soon_2015

Here’s to hoping that whatever big ideas and plans you have for this year, that you are confident, supported, excited, and ready to launch in this New Year of 2015.

Looking forward to learning what you’re up to and hearing about what inspires you; so let’s get together soon!

Stay safe and peaceful, my friends and family,

Deb Beacham

Deb Beacham