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Sharing Peace and Hope This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and to all of our supporters patiently and diligently working to improve safety and recovery for families and children.

I am so blessed to know you all!

I’m also overwhelmed with the gratitude expressed by families for the work we all do, for the sacrifices and for the milestones achieved.

What I am proposing here is a clean slate, or a fresh start to our conversations and in our approach to improving health, stability, and in dealing with the challenges we are facing as parents, grandparents, educators and advocates during high-stress times and through conflict.

We can do better now that we know more and have each other. We are inspired, motivated, resolved, and in great company!

“And the greatest of these is Love…”

There is an uplifting Christmas song that came to mind today…one you may have never heard on the radio or in church. My coach and counselor in high school sang it for us during Christmas at Florida Christian School in Miami. “Come on ring those bells…light the Christmas tree…Jesus, we remember this your birthday.” Please look up the full lyrics and listen to the song, no matter what you believe or what you’re going through. Thank you, Mrs. Martin, for your voice, for the words of wisdom shared, and for the example you and other teachers, coaches and school leaders set for us. That was Love…

Looking forward to sharing more with you all in the New Year, and engaging you in the solutions we are presenting as a team to our leadership in each state where we are involved.

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Thank you for being a part of this mission,

Deb Beacham




Deb Beacham, My Advocate Center
Deb Beacham, My Advocate Center


Just Listen

Just Listen_My Advocate Center

Talk less and listen more.   Probably the best lesson I’ve learned in recent years.

Not easy when you have much to say and believe in what you’re doing;  it seems so obvious but alas it is still hard to practice on a consistent basis.

As I was just pondering the near silence I started listening trying to determine the one sound in my environment…and I realized that is probably the biggest skill that we fail to employ at the most critical moments in our lives.

As a parent I have to pause in giving instructions and asking if teeth have been brushed, or reading assignments or chores done…and just listen and enjoy their facial expressions.   Gauging what they need from me as they share something…being able to understand that need and give it to them is a gift.   For my children and for me.

Listening to fellow entrepreneurs, like last night out to dinner, gave me the same feeling.   They are brilliant in describing how they are going to transform a society or move a market, and it is a gift to be able to hear that and to applaud them.

Just listen…

Deb Beacham