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Are All Judges, or Relationships with Judges created Equal?

Let’s put all our cards on the table:

Have you seen or experienced something “off” in a court room?  Or heard a story of someone getting a “raw deal” that just didn’t make any sense?

Well, here is just a part of the explanation, but be forewarned, that this is just one sliver of the answer…or the tip of that mysterious iceberg.

The result of some intelligent persistence by a reporter and parents and some others who believe that we, as citizens of the United States which provides for Equal Access and Due Process, deserve something better:

CBS Atlanta and Jeff Chirico follow parents through stories revealing that Court outcomes sometimes have more behind the curtain than you think.

Just imagine if you had no way of learning that something like this was influencing the outcome of a case where your life and your children depended on the truth counting?

Simple question:  should you be in the know about things like this that are in play in your case before the Court?

Email answers, more questions or news about your case to My Advocate Center, or just follow @MyAdvocateCentr on Twitter to learn more as we peel back the layers hiding the facts and figures driving these stories.

Opposing Party

This really bothers me, this obsession we have with opposition.

Opposition that hinders clear thinking and positive results is what I’m referring to.  In politics and religion…gender equality issues…divorce…race.  I chose to wait until I could write calmly.  Not easy when I hear the tone & observe foul play tactics being used by both sides of every debate, and not just the political ones.

If you relish opposing just for its sake & enjoy celebrating over someone’s demise then my blog isn’t for you.  I’m a problem-solver and peacekeeper – because that is what leads to positive outcomes for children and families. It’s what our communities and states need as well.

If you stay, then I ask you to stand with me rather than oppose or argue just to be difficult.  If you want to help make this mission better, and can be constructive then please speak up!

Something important is going on around us that demands we set aside the Seek & Destroy mentality being fueled by every form of media we have access to.

We are missing something big and useful because we’re too caught up in the fight, and in which party is winning.  Time to get rid of the Win/Lose mentality and focus on the best outcome for all involved.

This is so well said at Good Men Project that it bears repeating:  “People are more active and reactive, more jumpy & fearful of who gets elected or that bill getting passed or the Supreme Court deciding one way or another.  In the realm of emotion, it’s revealed that ideology creates enemies of science from all sides.”

The GMP post is entitled “What you believe should be true limits what you are willing to believe is true.”  And the author does a great job of giving examples in how the opposing sides of political or religious debate get in the way of letting science benefit us as much as we’d like.  Emotion gets in the way.  Screw progress or logic…or compromise.   But what if it isn’t just a debate, or just political advantage – or the benefits of science – at stake?   What might be more important than that?  Maybe our children?

Too many of us are closed-minded, willing only to see how things affect us and to read situations in a way that satisfies our own emotions – and that becomes our agenda.   So I ask, is it more important to have an enemy & to defeat them than it is to solve problems that both divide us and hurt our children?

Leaving politics aside I’d like to highlight how this encouragement to oppose and attack – to lie and call others liars – plays out with parents whose relationships or marriages dissolve amid conflict.

It has become normal & acceptable, or so it appears, to do whatever it takes to the opposing party.   Does this REALLY need to be the case?   Why has this become our standard?  Who “approved this message”?

The reason for this post is not just to say “fight fair if you’ve gotta fight” but to reveal during Domestic Violence Awareness month how much worse things are getting because of  this policy of attack instead of debate or compromise.  We seem to enjoy accusing more than solving problems…is that what we want children to do?

~ I believe there is a way to turn this around, but only if opposing sides will turn toward each other, rather than away in resentment and distrust, to listen and to debate.  Openly.  Calm your fear for a minute and give the other side a chance to speak their truth. ~

Speaking now to anyone who has been on either side of the sensitive & inflamed situation involving any form of abuse or allegations of abuse or violence:

Men – including men who have been falsely accused of abuse of any kind – you might read a book written by a true victim of violence and abusive control.   It might be challenging to be allowed to visit a shelter, but it would help if you could.  Put yourself in the shoes of someone real who does not believe they have the right or the ability to protect themselves.

Women – or anyone making false allegations or using children to punish another parent – please spend time listening to good fathers who do not know their children because they were the vulnerable party to their divorce, the one who was under attack & afraid to fight back.   You don’t hear about them as much because it is not Okay for a man to say he was abused or even arrested, possibly losing his job on top of his parenting rights, due to not being allowed to defend himself.

Anyone making false allegations needs to also visit and volunteer in helping real victims, and let it sink in that you are harming these victims and causing the legal system to not pay attention to those who actually DO need protection and support.  Imagine that if you cry wolf, you are leaving someone who needs real help in the hands of their abuser.

Anyone dealing with mistreatment by another, regardless of your gender or status, if you are under attack & need help, ask for it.  If you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with or don’t know how to ask for help, there’s only one way to find out.  ASK.

We each need to hear and understand both sides of this issue.  If we do, then more of us, both women and men, can get what we need.   We can’t afford not to, and we’re paying a price for lack of understanding and for being closed off to the opposing party if we don’t.

Consider this:  if both opposing parties turn their backs to the other, what might happen when no one is looking?   What happens in that gap?